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At Kurt Salmon Digital, we bring consumers and retailers together through thoughtful design and technology solutions.

We leverage the deep knowledge of the global retail and consumer goods space and the proven track record of Kurt Salmon to provide our retail partners with the tools to compete in the digital world. Our team of strategists, user experience champions, and creative technologists all understand what it takes for our partners to succeed.

Our Capabilities

Our offerings range from strategic problem solving to tangible implementations of those solutions. We are a trusted, full-service shop with a broad set of capabilities.

Interactive Solutions

  • Consumer Mobile Apps
  • In-Store Digital Experiences
  • Associate Mobile Apps & Tools
  • Interactive
  • Hardware Integration (iBeacon, RFID)

Enterprise Systems Integration

  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
  • PIM
  • CMS
  • Store Locator

Professional Services

  • Digital Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Interactive Design
  • Technical Implementation
  • Support

Our Work

Blue Apron iPhone App

Blue Apron iPhone App



La-Z-Boy StyleSelect

La-Z-Boy StyleSelect

Bloomingdale's Smart Fitting Room

Bloomingdale's Smart Fitting Room

PUMA TV iPad App

PUMA TV iPad App

Lowes Bright Idea iPad App

Lowes Bright Idea iPad App

Blue Apron

iPhone App

Blue Apron's business was booming, but they were looking for new ways to improve and enhance their customers' experience. The result: delivery management, built-in recipes, and social sharing. It reached #1 in the App Store, and is a featured demo app in Apple Stores across the country.

Blue Apron iPhone App 1
Blue Apron iPhone App 2
Blue Apron iPhone App 3
Blue Apron iPhone App 4

NBA Store

Interactive Kiosk

The NBA Store was working towards building an innovative flagship store with a strong digital component. We designed and developed an app, installed on large-format touchscreens throughout the new store, showcasing content ranging from player and team comparisons to interactive maps of the store. Store associates were also equipped with a mobile app that enables them to locate and request products for customers.

NBA Interactive Display 1
NBA Interactive Display 2
NBA Interactive Display 3



As they rolled out new concept stores, La-Z-Boy needed to showcase their vast assortment of recliners in a smaller, urban space. We built an app that shows every recliner, feature, and cover available, helping customers to filter through the collection to find their best fit.

La-Z-Boy StyleSelect 1
La-Z-Boy StyleSelect 2
La-Z-Boy StyleSelect 3
La-Z-Boy StyleSelect 4
La-Z-Boy StyleSelect 5


Smart Fitting Room

With over 50 fitting rooms and over 100 associate devices in their California and Hawaii stores, Bloomingdale's continues to engage customers using our 1:1 Retailing Platform.

Bloomingdale's Smart Fitting Room 1
Bloomingdale's Smart Fitting Room 2
Bloomingdale's Smart Fitting Room 3
Bloomingdale's Smart Fitting Room 4


Puma TV

PUMA was looking to increase the reach of their brand and product marketing videos, leveraging them in brick-and-mortar stores. We developed a custom, native iOS (iPad) app, supported the app’s deployment into flagship stores, and manufactured prototype vintage television-inspired cases for both branding and security. The app also enables store managers to drive video to non-touch screens.

PUMA TV iPad App 1
PUMA TV iPad App 2
PUMA TV iPad App 3


Bright Idea

The lightbulb selection at Lowe’s was overwhelming for customers. We designed and developed an iPad app, installed in the lightbulb aisle, that helps customers home in on the bulbs that fit their needs.

Lowes Bright Idea iPad App 1
Lowes Bright Idea iPad App 2
Lowes Bright Idea iPad App 3

Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions.

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